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Individuals can make a claim for rebates on an  IR 526 form for:

  • donations of $5 or more to an approved charity, or
  • payment for childcare or a housekeeper (under certain conditions).

The maximum amount you can claim is:

  • for donations of $1,890 or more your rebate will be $630.
  • if you've paid $940 or more for childcare or a housekeeper, your rebate will be $310.

Rebates can be claimed by individuals (not companies, trusts or partnerships) who:

  • earned taxable income during the period being claimed for, and
  • were resident in New Zealand at any time during the tax year.

If you claimed a rebate last year, the IRD will automatically send you a rebate claim form in April. Otherwise, you can complete the IR526 form available on the IRD website, print and sign it, attach your receipts and post it to the IRD

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