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Monitored Business Performance System (MBPS)

MBPS is an accounting package designed for small to medium sized businesses that bundles all aspects of a client relationship with an accountant and more into a single contract at a fixed fee.

With the contract you receive financial reports on a monthly basis including a one page graphical report indicating your financial position.

  • You keep up to date with what is happening in your business
  • You are able to see trends developing both positive and negative as they occur
  • You can take the necessary corrective action sooner rather than later
  • You can supply financial institutions with up to date information to support any loan application
  • You gain peace of mind knowing where you are at on a monthly basis rather than waiting till well after the end of the financial year when it may be too late to take corrective action

You are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 12 contacts a year from Wood Walton Chartered Accountants.

  • You gain peace of mind knowing you have someone watching out for you, and to whom you can talk to on a regular basis

Cost Effective

  • You pay no more for this service than what you pay to have your accounts prepared on an annual basis

You pay your accounting fees monthly

  • Paying monthly compared with annually eases your cashflow

Saves you time

  • You can get on with what you do best and enjoy doing while we do what we do best

Eliminates a lot of frustrations

  • No more missing or unreconciled information at the end of the year
  • No more trying to recall what happened over 12 months ago

Very simple for you to operate

  • No specialist knowledge required
  • No computer required

Timely preparation of your end of year financial accounts and tax returns

  • No long delays wondering whether your accountant has forgotten you

We have a significant number of our small to medium clients on the system and encourage all new clients to consider it.

Please contact us for further information.

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